In the last ten years COLMAR has become a world-wide reference point in the recycling field. This has been accomplished by offering a range of products able to satisfy the requests of varying markets, by expanding internationally with satellite companies in the United States, Great Britain and Russia, and by constructing a detailed commercial web that avails itself with direct agents and distributors globally. Our company philosophy is strongly based on the premise of consistently creating a collaborating relationship with our customers. In this type of association, each observation or suggestion can grow into improvements which benefit both parties.

We are fully aware that COLMAR’s success is due to the trust that customers place in us with the daily choice to rely on our equipment. For this reason among others, we are always willing to look to the future with enthusiasm, endeavouring to improve our products and services. We are confident that this policy will continue to reward our company, but chief is the prize of serving the customers who choose COLMAR.

COLMAR began its activity in 1963, thanks to the idea of two simple guys. These men started producing machines for the earth-moving and agricultural sector, assembling different parts of military machines left by the American army after World War II.

In 1967, the first COLMAR Railroad Loader was produced. The machine was used in the construction of the second rail on the Rome-Venice railroad.

In 1968, COLMAR produced the first industrial loader by installing a turn able superstructure designed for lifting of heavy loads on a lorry chassis.

In the early 70’s, COLMAR, owing to the experience gathered in the sector of the earth moving machines, increased and widened its product range. Furthermore, significant improvements of the design procedures aimed to spur the production of industrial loaders and of equipment manufactured for the construction and maintenance of railroads.

In order to expand its product range for the metal recycling business, during 90’s COLMAR began the manufacturing of Balers and Shear Balers for ferrous and non ferrous scrap baling and shearing.

In 2005, the new series of horizontal shears CAYMAN came out. These machines are absolutely new to the world, and are characterized by their easiness of use, low maintenance requirements, and a high production output.






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